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Thursday, March 13, 2014


She's one of the richest little two year old in the world or at least in the USA.  A new pic of Blue blue is seen looking at the camera being happy and relaxed with her mom Beyonce on the other side of the camera snapping the pic. Must be nice to have power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce as parents.

Unfortunately for Blue people have been so cruel, dragging this precious baby through social media because of her thick natural hair and the hate of her parents. We find that to be so sad the thirst and jealousies are real, so we are on the let Blue be great band wagon.
Beyoncé got one very special distraction during rehearsals for her Grammys performance last month.
A video just surfaced of Bey practicing "Drunk in Love" at dress rehearsals when toward the end of the song, Blue Ivy Carter can be heard saying "Hi, Mommy!" over the sound system.
And while the little one's excited voice is enough to make us melt, it was the singer's reaction that stole the show. If you listen closely enough you can also hear Blue say, "Surfboard." In a word? Amazing.
Bey said "Hi, Blue Blue" on her mic back to her daughter and made the most priceless facial expression afterwards. (click to see video)
The Carters are currently in Europe where Bey is hitting up city after city on her enormous world tour.

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