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Thursday, February 20, 2014


No love again, back in 2012 Brandy Norwood and longtime love Ryan Press got engaged after two years of dating.
However, recent events have fans wondering if Brandy and Ryan have called it quits...

Whispers that Brandy and Ryan may have ended their engagement began after Brandy was spotted on several occasions not wearing her engagement ring.
The whispers got louder last week after Ray J threw a surprise party for Brandy's 35th birthday with Ryan mysteriously NOT in attendance.
“According to one of Brandy’s close friends Brandy and Ryan both hired lawyers to try and hash out a “fair” prenuptial agreement. Both Ryan and Brandy have paper. Brandy’s paper we all know about. But Ryan made a little bit too as a record producer.” The snitch told  source, “Ryan basically doesn’t want a prenup, He’s like we both have, so if we divorce we split it all in half. Brandy’s no dummy so she’s holding out.”
 Brandy also hasn't been photographed, on Instagram or otherwise, with her "fiancĂ©" in over 3 months so theirs our proof. Last face it social media tells the whole story these days.

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