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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


TLC, pictured above accepted a lifetime achievment awards in England and they really need to kill there stylist.  The surviving members of TLC are planning their first new album in 10 years.  also said they're planning a tour and a VH1 biopic of their lives.

The duo will serve as executive producers of the biopic and are close to casting actresses who will play them. The new album would be TLC's first since 2002's 3D, which was released six months after third member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez died in a car crash in Honduras.
"We're going to still sound like TLC, evolving to whatever level we need to be at this time," said T-Boz, confirming the group will begin work on new material soon. When asked how TLC would fit into the current landscape of pop, T-Boz said, "We've always grown throughout the years and have always had our own sound. That's what works for us and we don't have to worry about anybody else."
"When that stops working, maybe we'll hang up the towel, but that still works. We have to get into the studio and start feeling how we feel," she added. "You have to find yourself first and then you find the path and then you have an album before you know it."
There were rumors earlier this year that TLC was considering a tour with a holographic projection of Left Eye similar to the 2Pac hologram seen at this year's Coachella festival.

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