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Friday, November 30, 2012


With her new movie "The Baytown Outlaws" set for a December 4th VOD release date, Eva Longoria pitched in on promotions via a south of the border stripdown for the December 2012 issue of GQ Mexico.
The 37-year-old actress wowed in a lingerie clad spread shot by Randall Slavin while chatting with the magazine about everything from her sexy status to managing such a demanding schedule.
Highlights from Miss Longoria's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to GQ Mexico!

On how she manages to juggle such a hectic schedule:
"I do not stop for a minute. I feel like my day had 48 hours, I like to lead a busy life. My mother raised four daughters (one of whom has special needs), worked as a teacher and every day, at 6:00 pm, cook dinner for my dad and for us, and every morning we also had the breakfast, so I see my mother and think, 'I'm not doing enough.'"
On how often she travels to Mexico:
"I'm going to Mexico whenever I can. I love Mexico City, Guadalajara love ... I shot a film in Mexico with Andy Garcia, Cristiada, in six different states, including Durango and Mexico City. I love Andy Garcia, did another movie together called The Dark Truth, a political thriller that takes place in South America and revolves around the struggle for clean groundwater. And I'm about to start filming the border, with Ed Harris and Michael Peña: we will shoot in New Mexico and the plot has to do with the border issue, precisely. It is a film that tries to address, from a more humane approach, the struggle of people crossing into 'northern' in search of work."
On her thoughts about being considered one of the world's sexiest women:

"Ah, I always feel flattered when I say that! [Laughs] I hope people perceive me as beautiful in everything I do in relation to works of charity and philanthropy, or political activism. For me, those are the things that define beauty. The beauty lies mainly on personality, not on skin."

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