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Monday, May 9, 2011

"Hell To The Naw"...Whitney Houston Checks Into Rehab

After the announcement of 47 year old Whitney Houston Reviving her role in the 1995 "Waiting To Exhale" movie sequel, and another announcement has quickly followed, the Iconic Diva has checked into an out-patient program for drug and alcohol treatment, her rep confirms to The Associated Press.

Her spokeswoman Kristen Foster said in a statement to ABCNews.com, "I can confirm that Whitney Houston is currently in an outpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment. Whitney voluntarily entered the program to support her long-standing recovery process."

Pressed for more details, Foster wrote in an email, "Unfortunately not, saying anything more would conflict with the privacy/confidentiality she needs at this time…."

Since the 47-year-old Grammy-winning singer's comeback in 2009, she has been dogged by rumors that she was using drugs again.   Houston is still allowed to go out in public, though she’ll need a monitor at all times, according to TMZ. She recently performed with Prince and Chaka Khan at the former’s show in Los Angeles.

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