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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NeNe Leakes: ‘I Wouldn’t Spit On Star [Jones] If She Was On Fire!’

Real Housewives of ATL loud mouth is still speaking loudly, but this time it's about another cast mate.  Yes Ne Ne doesn't like someone else other than Kim Zolciak SHOCKER!!  NeNe Leakes has a new frenemy in the world and it isn’t one of her fellow Atlanta “Housewives.”

The sassy lady appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Tuesday to say that she has no love for Star Jones, her competitor on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

“I’m not feeling Star Jones, I’m sorry,” NeNe told Wendy on Tuesday’s show.
The outspoken Bravo personality said she tried to get along with the former “The View” co-host, but things didn’t work out.

“I gave her a chance when I first got there, I did. But Star, I’m just going to tell you,” NeNe paused, shaking her head.

“Why didn’t you get along?” Wendy probed.

“Star is a trip – like she is very special, I really – she’s special,” NeNe answered. “No seriously – I wouldn’t spit on Star if she was on fire.”  YIKES!!

While Star has remained mum on her official Twitter account, reality TV fans will get to see what caused the friction between the two women when Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” returns on March 6 at 9 PM EST on NBC.

(Peep Video Below:)

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