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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Details: Eva Longoria Files for Divorce

Time to UN-hyphen the name Hollywood marriages last "a hot minute". Eva Longoria-Parker has filed for divorce, and even though she's filed the legal docs, snitches are saying  she's "devastated."Longoria filed her papers, to divorce Tony Parker, in L.A. County Superior Court.  TMZ has learned, Longoria and Parker signed a prenup. According to PEOPLE, the papers were filed this morning.

Parker, a star guard for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, married Longoria on July 7, 2007 at a Chateau outside of Paris. The couple has been dogged by infidelity rumors.
 Whispers of an impending divorce grew louder recently when Longoria backed out of an upcoming event.  Eva is spilling the beans and has told close friend Mario Lopez that her husband Tony Parker had inappropriate relations with not one- but two!- women, one of which is his teammate’s wife.

Longoria also told Lopez that she found hundreds of text messages on Tony’s phone. The woman in question is the wife of one of his San Antonio Spurs teammates.

The Desperate Housewives actress added that it was not her husband’s first indiscretion: earlier in their marriage, he cheated on her and kept in touch with the woman through Facebook.   What seemed to be a couple in a happy picture was merely a cracked frame.


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