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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VH1 Behind The Music Fantasia Full Episode

Fantasia gets real and discusses her recent drama, including her most recent struggles with a drug overdose and being accused of breaking up a marriage. The episode opened with a detailed account of Barrino's shocking overdose, in which she said she made attempted to end her life because she "didn't have any fight" in her. "At that moment I didn't care about anything. I just wanted out," she said, boldly admitting that the overdose wasn't at all an accident and that she was not happy when she woke up in the hospital and realized her suicide attempt "didn't work" — until her nurse, Melody, told her to get up and fulfill her destiny.

Barrino recounted how in high school she started to crave attention in other ways, by wearing tight clothing, acting like she was already an adult, until her world was turned upside down after she was raped at her high school at age 14. "I didn't even cry my way home," she said of her feelings after the assault. "I was numb, very numb, confused, I just felt nasty. Disgusting."

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