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Monday, October 12, 2009

Game On...The Game Picked Up By BET!!

This is wonderful news, the Game is getting picked up. So for all the people that have been petitioning and wondering, it is coming back to BET,” according to actress Drew Sidora who spilled the good news to the fans in Sister 2 Sister exclusively this week. “So, hopefully, you will see me back. It is official.

Since its premiere in 2006 and BET is now airing the reruns of the show it has had a huge fan following. The CW pulled the plug on the show in June but the stars of "The Game" lobbied for the fans to petition to keep it on and it appears it worked.

“Right now, they’re just trying to figure out when it’s going to actually come back, as far as when we start filming the new episodes and things like that,” Drew says. “But BET has picked it up.”

But with the show is headed to a new home field does that mean all of the original cast will be coming along with it?
"I can't say that for sure, but you will probably see a lot of the characters back," Drew dished. She's hoping to get a recurring spot on the show, reprising the self-named role of Drew Sidora.
The big question there will be, if she does return, what does that mean for Derwin Davis and his new bride Melanie?
"Just bring people up to date with that because it was never resolved. It was something we always to bring back; it was all about the great timing of it," Drew said. "I think now people are going to want to see what happens with Mel and I. You know, you might see us out somewhere. And the same with Derwin." If you missed the season finale click here to see it again!!


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