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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jill Scott & Fiance Split; Singer/Actress Talks Being A Single Mom!!

Before she could finish singing a lullaby they have already split. This is why you shouldn't F**CK the help. The award-winning neo-soul queen -who is up for Best Actress Emmy for her role as Precious in HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency — has revealed that she has separated from her drummer fiance Lil John Roberts, just two months after the birth of there son.
Scott, currently writing for her next album, broke the news with Essence Tuesday, stating "John and I are no longer together" "When you have a baby you're dealing with a lot of emotions and I don't know how much of it had to do with us breaking up
While Scott admits they are no longer together, she says Roberts will continue to be by her side when it comes to their son. "We definitely love our son and we are co-parenting and working on being friends
I'm sure he's not her drummer any longer so that's puts him back on the unemployment line and now she becomes an Instant single parent with a "Baby Daddy". So sad Jill Scott seems to always come up short in relationships. I know someone personally who knows her Fiance so I'm trying to get the real deal but right now there lips are sealed...well until I make an offer. Which is Crazy it's a recession so that ain't happening!!


Anonymous said...

very sad!! I hope she be ok

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jill seem to be a great person I wish her the best

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