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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cinema Society And MCM Host A Screening Of "Obsessed!!

Beyonce in her Gothic Chic black halter dress with a long train? I love me some Bey but a short dress with a Train = Train wreck. Also all the fashion was a miss at this premiere. The all star screening of Obsessed was last night in NY, the movie will hit the theatres today. Where was Jay? Everybody is waiting too see if Beyonce can really act without singing after she finish a scene.
The movie story is nothing new married man sleeps with crazy co-worker turned stalker
I will be seeing it over the weekend on the strength of
Idris Elba acting ability.
Sexy Can I....Idris Elba
Ali Larter
Blow up doll Kim K.
Dream Girl Anki Rose
Mama Diddy
kevin Liles and Anthony Anderson

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Anonymous said...

the movie was great

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