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Friday, November 14, 2008

Real Housewives‘ NeNe Opens Up About Dad, Kim & Being Called ‘Ghetto & The Reunion Show’..!!

I personally love this Ghetto/fabo-fantastical show. If you have not watched this, you are missing some pure raw entertainment. Love her or hate her, NeNe Leakes has become most popular among the ladies on this Fab The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her flamboyant personality and willingness to say anything that’s on her mind has broken up a friendship with BFF Kim and deepened the rivalry with former pal Sheree. As the series approaches its season finale (Nov. 18 on Bravo), NeNe chats with PEOPLE about that infamous song she sang about Kim — “I wish I could take it back,” she says — the shocking revelation about her family, the identity of her real father and what she thinks of people who call her “ghetto.”
(L) Lisa Hartwell, Shere, Ne Ne, Deshawn, Kim
Here is some excerpts from the interview:
How are things between you and Kim and Sheree at this point?
Oh, wow. Well, we are cordial. That’s about it.
Where does the animosity between you and Sheree come from?
Sheree and I have known each other the longest of all the housewives. I’ve known her for seven years. And she and I have shared a lot over the years. We traveled together, we double dated with our husbands, our children played together. She and I have hung out, and we’ve shared secrets and our falling out came before the show actually started filming. It had nothing to do with the show and nothing to do with Kim at all. Sheree and I just had a disagreement. It happened maybe about a month before we started shooting. felt Sheree wasn’t being a good friend. I tried to figure out a way to get her out of my life
How did you feel watching the scene at DeShawn’s birthday party, where you got drunk and made up a song about Kim?
I didn’t like that scene so much … We were just having fun and somebody blew it out of proportion and made Kim feel that I was talking very badly about her. The honest truth is I didn’t mean to hurt Kim’s feelings. I would have apologized to Kim and told her I was sorry if she had come to me and said, “NeNe
How do you react to people who call you “ghetto” and say you don’t have any class?
I think people have it mixed up. When you’re outspoken and you say what you mean and you keep it real a lot of the people in the Black community say it’s ghetto to do that. That’s fine with me because I’m not changing. I’m keeping it real Can you give us a teaser for what will go down in the upcoming finale and reunion special?
Oh my God. In the finale and in the reunion, all I can tell you is drama, drama, drama! And watch what happens. It was tough for all of us to sit there together and try to work things out, but in the end I think it was successful. It didn’t start off so great but I think it ended up OK. Read full interview (Click Now)
************************************************************************************ HOUSE OF GLITZ: I love these chicks and at the Reunion I heard it was Damn near a fist fight between Lisa Hartwell aka (Keith Sweat EX and Kim) also Big Poppa and Kim are finished. The Reunion should air in about 2 weeks. I need a season 2 of this mess!!

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