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Monday, August 25, 2008


I promise I'm trying not to laugh. But After suddenly collapsing on stage and clutching his head in agony, Jojo -- from R&B duo K-Ci and JoJo -- laid frighteningly motionless during a live concert in Australia this weekend -- unfortunately, his brother was more concerned with hitting his high note.
JoJo spent nearly a full minute on the floor by himself, while in the same time, a crew member picked up the fallen microphone, and his brother continued singing
-- but neither one paid any attention to the passed out singer. In the video, you can hear people in the crowd asking, "Is he alright" and begging K-Ci to "pick him up, man!" But here's the rub -- instead of getting him backstage for help ASAP, K-Ci picks up JoJo and drags his stumbling brother to the front of a stage for an ovation. A crew member then quickly grabbed the dazed singer by the arm and hauled him off the stage. K-Ci told the crowd Jojo was just dizzy from the flight. We're dizzy from the spin.
******************************************************************************** The Video below is Audio of KC calling in to to HOT 97 explaining Jo Jo had a seizure but then rambles about he hate Bill Gates & Computers e.t.c. which re-confirms they are fcking "Crackheads". *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ; LMAO..!!..I KNOW I shouldn't be laughing but only because it's Yoda and his Bro some how humour is all over this SHi!!... The fact KC did not stop singing chasing that check for some more Rocks..!! "Bless There Hearts"


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